The team… that’s me, .
I have always had a passion for organizing: I have always organized my trips, my holidays, those of my family and friends; I have always enjoyed organizing dinners, parties, convivial occasions or weddings for my dear ones, helping them to find the best location or the perfect situation. My passion has now become my job and has helped me develop my critical spirit and the longing to listen to people and understand their wishes; it has sharpened my intuition and strengthened my inborn curiosity.
Serendipity555 is an adventure which I want to take up with all my longing to live and do and with all my energy, being consistent with my principles, showing respect for people, work, environment and for everything that surrounds me.
I love life, friends, sunsets, music, the sea, chocolate and Agatha Christie’s whodunits. I am the chairwoman of a cultural non-profit organization, “La Cultura della Buona Vita” (The Culture of Good Life) and I am a member of “L’Arte di Vivere con Lentezza” (The Art of Living Slowly) a socially useful NPO.
I have a weakness for Vasco Rossi’s hit “Vita spericolata” and the colour green!