• is… an evolving dream nourished by experiences, knowledge, stories and oddities; all these “lived emotions” are now made available to others
  • supports and tries to implement the 8 “Rs” of Serene Degrowth: Re-evaluate, Re-conceptualize, Re-structure, Re-localize, Re-distribute, Reduce, Re-use, Recycle
  • leaves nothing to chance, on the contrary, chance is its own ally. Serendipity555 wants to live the event “slowly”, to get “slowly” to the wedding, to go “slowly” trough every step of the trip and loves walking together with the ones who rely on its service, stopping every now and then to savour some tea and talk about life…
  • promotes collaboration between virtuous suppliers wanting to combine professionalism and humanity, it favours solutions that ensure respect for nature and sustainability; it respects and shares the local culture.